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Business Continuity

The San Fernando Valley – Home to Earthquakes, Floods, Fire, Theft & Employee Ooops:
How do we protect against this?

You never know when a disaster might happen. Think of these scenarios:

  • An employee accidentally wipes out an important folder of documents
  • A hard drive on either a workstation or the server crashes
  • A rogue employee is secretly sabotaging your data and documents
  • A fire breaks out in your offices, damaging the equipment
  • There’s a break-in and all of your IT equipment is stolen
  • An earthquake renders your offices completely inaccessible

Do you think none of these situations will happen to you? We hope it never does, but we have had clients and associates suffer several of these mishaps over the past 25 years. Those who were protected properly could continue to operate, while those who were not protected had a catastrophhic loss:  loss of revenue, clientele, reputation and even the entire business.

So how do we protect against this?

Outstanding Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We deploy a custom combination of solutions to make sure that you can operate in the face of a disaster:

  • We back up your files and folders both locally and to a secure cloud
  • We back up your system images both locally and to a secure cloud
  • When equipment fails, you can run your server and key workstations virtually from your backup
  • In a major disaster, you can run your server and key workstations virtually from a cloud backup at any Internet location

Our goal is to get you back up and running within hours (or even minutes) when something bad occurs: whether s simple file or folder deletion, a crashed hard drive, or your computers being physically damaged or compromised.