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Computer Support & NETWORK SUPPORT
for Burbank, Studio City, North Hollywood & the San Fernando Valley

Network Design

for commercial and home offices in Studio City, Burbank and the San Fernando Valley

Data & Voice & Cables & Wifi

Servers & Workgroups & Clouds & Remote Workers

ComputerUp can design and install both cabled Ethernet and Wifi networks to allow speedy Internet and internal speeds, along with voice and video calls. We are partners with some of the industry’s best communications companies and are able to bring you exceptional performance at a price you’ll like. Our experienced cabling installers have worked on thousands of installations across the Los Angeles area, including historical landmark buildings. We can handle both data and phone service with ease.


Service Offerings
Broadband Fiber, Cable, DSL, Satellite, 4G & 5G Cellular
Cabling In-wall & Surface-Mount Ethernet
WiFi Tri-band Mesh, Access Points, Guest Portals
Voice VOIP Phone Systems, Conferencing Bridges,
Production of Announcements over Hold Music

Do you work with a bunch of Windows workstations? How about Macs? What about a mix? Are they all at one location? Or multiple ones? Do some employees work from home?

ComputerUp uses the power of its experience and expertise to custom design a work environment that ensures that you and your staff can:

  • Work in a highly structured server environment where files are centrally stored
  • Work in a flexible environment where files are stored on workstations
  • Work in a hybrid environment where files are shared in the cloud
  • Work in a central location
  • Work across multiple offices or from home
  • Work with both Windows and Mac
  • Communicate with each other through chat or voice in any of the above environments

So YES! We talk Windows Server, MacOS, Teams, Triliian, Azure and more. Tell us what your wants are in improving or revising your current IT setup, and we will work with you to make that happen!

 We recommend Dell Servers and Workstations.