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It used to be that Macs were safer than PCs, with many more malware instances occurring in Windows environments than on the Mac. But is that the case today?

Most people are unaware that the original virus infections back in the 1980s (pre-Internet) were hitting Macs harder than PCs, due to the ease of infecting Macs via the old floppy drive. Then OS/X (now MacOS) came along, and presented a stronger front. But during this time, it wasn’t that Macs were fully protected by OS/X. It was that Macs had a very small market share (less than 10%) and it wasn’t worth it for malware creators to distribute that way. For a long time, malware was created by bored teens, mainly for bragging rights.

Well, now Macs are a huge percentage of the marketplace, and malware is created by international gangs of criminals bent on stealing data and holding systems for ransom. So the profit motive is now there. And this article in Vox magazine from earlier this year shows that the incidence of malware on Mac now exceeds Windows.This means that every Mac computer should be explicitly and actively protected by using an anti-malware program.

ComputerUp offers Malwarebytes Premium and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for all Mac computers covered in our monthly Managed Services programs. Both of these programs actively monitor threats that hit your Mac, but they also can do periodic virus scans to detect “sleeper” malware that’s embedded in files. Clients who are not on one of Managed Services program can also purchase an annual subscription.

Malware can wreck your day and destroy your business. Call us now to get your computers protected, whether Mac or PC.